Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I order a prize package from the General Motors Hole in One Program?
A: You can order online through Global Connect. To order via FAX, click on 'FAX ORDER FORM' above, print the form, fill it out in its entirety and fax to 888-238-3363. To order by phone, contact our Customer Service Team at 888-230-5487.

Q: How is pricing determined?
A: Pricing is based on the total prize value (lease or ownership value) and the number of players in your tournament. Click on 'PRICING' for detailed information or call us at 888-230-5487.

Q: How do I determine the vehicle lease value?
A: This is your total cost, prepaid, for the term of the lease, NOT the total vehicle value. Simply multiply the total lease term (24, 27, 30 or 36) x the monthly payment.

Q: The pricing grid only goes up to 144 players. What if I have more?
A: Call us at 888-230-5487 for pricing if your event has more than 144 players.

Q: Are my employees eligible to win?
A: Yes. Any registered participant who is not a professional golfer is eligible to win.

Q: What's included when I sponsor a hole in one from the General Motors Hole in One Program?
A: With every order, you'll receive one (1) 36” x 48” full color main prize vehicle sign and three (3) 20” x 48” full color bonus prize signs for the remaining par 3's. All signs are customized with your dealership name or full color logo and are included with your package at no additional charge.

Q: Is it less expensive without the bonus prizes?
A: No. No. All prize packages include the standard bonus prizes, with an option to upgrade to premium bonus prizes, to give you four times the exposure.

Q: How much time before a tournament should I order my prize package?
A: All orders entered online receive immediate prize guarantees while faxed orders may take up to one (1) business day to process. We recommend that you place your orders 7-10 business days prior to your event date to allow time for signage delivery and to avoid incurring any rush charges.

Q: What are the rush charges and when will they be incurred?
A: Any prize package that is registered with three (3) business days or less before your tournament will incur a $30.00 rush charge per package.

Q: How many people can win the prize?
A: There can be as many winners as there are players. One of the many benefits of this program is that free prize restoration is included, even on bonus prizes.

Q: What are the minimum yardage requirements?
A: Our published pricing is based on a minimum yardage of 165 for men while women may shoot from up to fifteen (15) yards less (but never less than 150). Our absolute minimum yardage is 150 for men while women may shoot from up to fifteen (15) yards less (but never less than 135). For orders with men's yardage of 150-164, an upcharge will be incurred.

Q: What do I do if I have a winner?
A: Included with every emailed order confirmation is an Incident Report. Simply fill out the form in its entirety and fax to the number on the form. You will then receive an email from our Claims Verification Department with the remaining required documents, timelines and instructions.

Q: Can I display used Vehicles?
A: Unfortunately this program is designed to promote current model year vehicles only.

Q: How will I be billed?
A: For your convenience, charges are automatically debited from your Open Parts Account (BARS)